Best Platforms to rent house in Bangalore without broker

Best Platforms to rent house in Bangalore without broker

If you are new to Bangalore and looking for a place to move in? and most often all the residents of Banglore will face the problem of shifting their hoes as work is too far. Looking for a 1 BHK rent house in Bangalore without broker can be difficult. Looking for houses that fit your criteria, many of you would compromise on your sleep and weekend plans. And upon all this, many of us are confused about which place to choose. So here are a few quick tips for you to get your search done a little easier.


This website is very popular among the urban crowd. People in Bengaluru trust this platform to find a new place to move. This is because Nestaway addresses the issues bothering the users. It has helped many bachelors, couples, and friends find the best accommodation that is very secure and free of brokerage.

2. Homigo

The trend is now co-living or sharing spaces. If you are comfortable with co-living, then Homigo is a go-to platform for your new home search in Bengaluru. Along with space, it also offers required utilities, laundry facilities, good community, and furniture. Homigo also allows you to rent your furniture and house without a broker. It is also giving access to modern living. It caters to the current trends and offers rented spaces with wi-fi, security, housekeeping and other services.


This platform helps you to speed up the search by offering options from at least 3 localities. It is the best platform to cater to your needs even if you are shifting from abroad or any Indian cities. The app offers a special feature for NRIs and provides solutions for you both as an owner or as a tenant. As the name suggests, rent house in bangalore without broker, the rental agreements are created online and delivered to your address, help is offered with packing and moving within the city and intra cities as well. The rent receipts are generated too.

4. Quikr and Olx

You could also explore Quikr and Olx for flats to rent in Banglore. reports state that owners prefer to list their properties on these websites. This offers the elimination of brokers in carrying out the conversation and other hassles. The Quikr platform not only proves house options for rent in Banglore, but it also offers Paying Guest options too. So, if you are looking for a PG, these sites could be of help.

The above options can help you get the house of your choice and don’t include the physical stress of roaming pointlessly. They help you rent house in bangalore without broker. 


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